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April 26th, 2012

Head of Stanford Technology Ventures Program joins faculty advisory council

Program on Social Entrepreneurship News

The Program on Social Entrepreneurship welcomes the newest member of the Faculty Advisory Council, Dr. Tina Seelig, who brings her expertise in high-technology entrepreneurship education to enrich and inform program development. Read more »

April 24th, 2012

Human trafficking series elevates issue of global importance

PHR in the news

The Program on Human Rights convened experts advancing research, policy, and activism in the field of human trafficking at the 2012 Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Speakers Series, "Human Trafficking is Global Slavery." Members of the Adobe Youth Voice Peapod Academy of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula joined Stanford students at the weekly seminar and deployed a team of talented young filmmakers to document the series. Read more »

April 20th, 2012

Social entrepreneurs arrive at Stanford to recharge and engage research community

Program on Social Entrepreneurship in the news

In an article for The Stanford Daily, Social Entrepreneurs-in-Residence discuss their careers as activists fighting for social justice issues, and their plans to re-charge and engage the Stanford community. Read more »

Kavita Ramdas reflects on social justice issues dominating the headlines

Program on Social Entrepreneurship in the news

From the Kony 2012 video to the murder of Treyvon Martin, Kavita Ramdas reflects on social justice and the preponderance of violence in our society for The Stanford Social Innovation Review. Read more »

It’s the journey, not the destination

Program on Social Entrepreneurship in the news

In a post for Alliance Magazine, Filiz Bikman a member of the Ripples to Waves Global Advisory Council, discusses her personal and professional journey and the institutions, individuals, and practices that inspired her along the way. Read more »

April 19th, 2012

Stanford conference explores new development approaches post Arab Spring

ARD Announcement

The Program on Arab Reform and Democracy hosted its third annual conference on April 26-27 at Stanford University to present an integrated approach to development in the Arab world. Read more »

April 13th, 2012

Arab Spring youth activists convene with Stanford students

in the news

The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS), a student-led initiative, brought nearly 40 delegates from across North Africa, the Middle East and the United States to Stanford to swap stories and grow new ideas for change in the volatile region. Read more »

Will land reform sow peace in Latin America?


On the eve of the Sixth Summit of the Americas in Colombia, CDDRL Post-Doctoral Scholar Michael Albertus co-authored a piece on the Foreign Policy website suggesting that land reform could help end decades of conflict in Latin America. Both authors suggest that Colombia's Victims Law can serve as a model for good governance across the region, holding the potential to uproot drug problems and improve security for the lives of everyday citizens. Read more »

April 9th, 2012

Researchers call for policy, aid and innovation to help world’s poorest


Bill Gates spoke to a Stanford audience about the importance of foreign aid and product innovation in the fight against chronic hunger, poverty and disease in the developing world. FSI senior fellows Larry Diamond, Jeremy Weinstein, Paul Wise and Walter Falcon share their own ideas about how to secure the most fragile nations. Read more »

April 4th, 2012

Stanford research suggests increased role for social entrepreneurship in post Arab Spring countries

ARD News

A new research study released by the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy finds that economic conditions coupled with social changes unleashed by the Arab Spring have created an environment ripe for social entrepreneurship. Read more »

Restoring Democracy and Peace in Mali


CDDRL Post-doctoral Scholar Landry Signé comments on the recent military coup in Mali and what it means for the future of one of West Africa's most stable democracies. Read more »

April 3rd, 2012

Historic summit to convene leaders of the new Middle East at Stanford

The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford will host its inaugural conference April 10 to 14, convening exceptional young leaders together to share their ideas, seed potential collaborations and inspire the world. Read more »

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Open and Closed
Evgeny Morozov: "Openness is today a powerful cult, a religion with its own dogmas. 'Owning pipelines, people, products or even intellectual property is no longer the key to success. Openness is,' proclaims the Internet pundit Jeff Jarvis."
Mention of Evgeny Morozov in New York Times on March 16, 2013

Q&A: Larry Diamond's documentary on democracy activism
The documentary, for which Diamond was a producer, won high praise from critics and leaders like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Daily spoke with Diamond about the film’s origins, its critical reception and its future.
Mention of Larry Diamond in The Stanford Daily on February 4, 2013

How Obama Abandoned Bahrain's Democratic Reformers
Larry Diamond: "With the world watching other Middle East hotspots, the country's monarchy has continued suppressing anti-authoritarian dissidents -- and the White House has let it happen."
Mention of Larry Diamond in The Atlantic on January 9, 2013

Are We Becoming Cyborgs?
We put that question to three people who have written extensively on the subject, and brought them together to discuss it with Serge Schmemann, the editor of this magazine.
Mention of Evgeny Morozov in New York Times on November 30, 2012

Concept of human rights 'both fluid and constant', says Milani
Milani is the author of ten books on Iran, including “A Tale of Two Cities: A Persian Memoir” and a biography of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last shah of Iran. He is also the director of Iranian Studies at Stanford and a co-founder of the Iran Democracy Project.
Mention of Abbas Milani in The Stanford Daily on July 26, 2012

Burma's Emerging Democracy
Stanford University democracy scholar Larry Diamond recently spent time in Burma meeting political parties, government officials and civil society groups. Author, editor or co-editor of 36 books on democracy, Diamond spoke to The Irrawaddy Reporter Simon Roughneen about the current transition in Burma.
Mention of Larry Diamond in The Irrawaddy News Magazine on July 24, 2012

Q&A: Stanford expert on Mexico's presidential election
Stanford political scientist Beatriz Magaloni talks about what to expect from Peña Nieto, what his policies may mean for Mexican-U.S. relations.
Mention of Beatriz Magaloni in Stanford University News on July 2, 2012

In Search of the Hardware Behind the Cloud
Evgeny Morozov: "Labor Day weekend in 1969—Saturday, Aug. 30, to be more precise—deserves more prominence in history books. At any rate, that is what Andrew Blum, a correspondent for Wired magazine, wants us to believe: He says the date marks the 'Internet's physical birth.' It was then that ..."
Mention of Evgeny Morozov in Wall Street Journal on June 8, 2012

The Failures of the Facebook Generation in the Arab Spring
In the upcoming Egyptian elections the country is choosing between Islamists and old Mubarak supporters. Francis Fukuyama on how the Facebook revolution of the Arab Spring has failed to deliver lasting political change.
Mention of Francis Fukuyama in Daily Beast on May 21, 2012

China has banished Bo but not the 'bad emperor' problem
Francis Fukuyama: "For more than 2000 years, the Chinese political system has been built around a highly sophisticated centralised bureaucracy, which has run what has always been a vast society through top-down methods. What China never developed was ... "
Mention of Francis Fukuyama in Financial Times on May 10, 2012

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