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Provision of Public Goods Papers

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These are working papers and should not be sited without the author's permission.

Panel 1:

Leader Selection

Guy Grossman (398.5KB +PDF+)

Grant Miller (limited distribution)

Kevin Morrison (487.7KB +PDF+)

Panel 2:

Differential sources of government revenue: resource rents and taxes

Laura Paler (3.8MB +PDF+)

Fred Finan (751.7KB +PDF+)

Lucie Gadenne (433.0KB +PDF+) 

Panel 3:

External vs. internal provision of public goods, and the role of foreign aid

Steve Krasner & Thomas Risse (496.2KB +PDF+)

Melissa Lee & Melina Platas (441.1KB +PDF+)

Ted Miguel (972.8KB +PDF+)

Panel 4:

The role of income inequality and ethnic diversity

Alex Ruiz Euler (1.0MB +PDF+)

Eric Kramon (787.9KB +PDF+)

Panel 5

The role of voter information on public goods provision and redistributive politics

Stuti Khemani 1 (1.0MB +PDF+)

Stuti Khemani 2 (1.1MB +PDF+) 

Katherine Casey (795.9KB +PDF+)

Panel 6:

Traditional governance and the provision of public goods

Lisa Blaydes (737.8KB +PDF+)

Beatriz Magaloni & Alberto Diaz-Cayeros (7.4MB +PDF+)

Kate Baldwin (195.4KB +PDF+)

Panel 7:

Corruption and abuse of power

Miriam Golden (1.5MB +PDF+)

Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro (386.5KB +PDF+)

Cyrus Samii (1.2MB +PDF+)